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VueMinder Lite USB

A free calendar program that can run from a USB stick and provide text-to-speech reminders of upcoming events
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1 December 2012

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Planning and scheduling is a very important part of every human life and calendar is the best as well as the basic tool that assists a person in doing so. No matter what era we live in or which place we belong to, time keeping and planning in accordance with dates is an inevitable part of our lives. In fact, a calendar is something which can be found in any place be it is home, office, school, college, PC, mobile phone, public places and every other place where humans mark their presence. In fact, calendar is not a very new concept; every one of us is well aware of the Mayan calendar of Maya civilization that existed thousands of years ago.

At present, computers are the best thing that assist human beings in a big way to accomplice everything and calendars are obviously present in the PCs to plans things out in advance as well as mark important dates. VueMinder Lite USB 9.0.0 is happens to be a calendar program available for free. This program can be run from USB stick and there is no need of any installation, thus it will not be affecting the PC. All it requires is downloading, extract and then run it on Windows powered PC. In fact, it is a perfect offline tool that automatically synchronizes with Google Calender and allows the user to schedule his plans online as well as offline. Users can add various types of calendars like local weather, holidays, sporting events schedules, and religious occasions so on and so forth. In fact, scheduled events can be viewed on Windows desktop in which a transparent calendar appears. In short, this calendar provides absolute assistance in scheduling every activity while being online or offline.

Similar to Microsoft Outlook, this VueMinder Lite USB 9.0.0 is easy to connect to the PCs as well as very simple to learn. By synchronizing with the Google calendar user can keep track of all the upcoming events with this four star rated program.

Publisher's description

VueMinder Lite USB is a free calendar app that can run from a USB stick or cloud drive such as DropBox. It can auto-sync with Google Calendar. A calendar browser allows addition of many events, such as holidays, local weather, sport schedules, religious occasions, and much more. You can also create your own calendars, which are overlaid into day, week, and month views. Events are also visible directly on the Windows desktop, even when offline!
VueMinder Lite USB
VueMinder Lite USB
Version 10.1
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